Level 3 Award First Aid at Work
(3 Day FAW course)

Level 3 Award in First Aid at Work (RQF) (FAW)

This course is designed for anyone wanting to become an accredited workplace first aider or someone who would like to enter the world first aid event cover. It is particularly appropriate to companies/individuals where HSE Guidelines recommend a qualified person within the workplace.

You will be taught by medical professionals who will help you gain confidence in the skills you are taught. As of 31st December 2016 Defibrillator familiarisation/training became a mandatory element in all First Aid courses.

Length of Course:

3 Days.

Learner entry requirements:

No previous first aid knowledge is required to attend this course.

This course will enable you to:

  • understand the role and responsibilities of a first aider.
  • assess an incident.
  • manage an unresponsive casualty who is breathing normally.
  • manage an unresponsive casualty who is not breathing normally.
  • the use of a defibrillator (AED).
  • recognise and assist a casualty who is choking.
  • manage a casualty with external bleeding.
  • manage a casualty who is in shock.
  • manage a casualty with a minor injury.
  • conduct a secondary survey (Top to Toe).
  • Be able to administer first aid to a casualty who is suffering from the following;  injuries to bones, muscles and joints, suspected head and spinal injuries, suspected chest injuries, burns and scalds and eye injury.
  • Be able to administer first aid to a casualty suffering from  a variety of medical emergencies such as anaphylaxis, difficulty breathing (Asthma C.O.P.D), Seizures etc.