CPR helps saves another life.

There is nothing that fills us with pride more than knowing what we do has helped save someones life. From our experiences as medical professionals we recognise the pressure, stress that an individual will experience in these situations. We talk about this on our courses which in turn helps to raise peoples confidence when dealing with such emergencies. Below is a message we received via our website from a delegate who only 4weeks ago attended our Emergency First Aid course.                                                                                                                                                           (Names of person, casualty and client have been removed to maintain confidentiality)

Hi, just wanted to let you know after my first aid training with yourselves for ********* group, I had my first ever experience of doing cpr on a grown adult last night, as a man collapsed outside my house, he was completely unresponsive, no pulse, officially dead, I did my checks, and carried out compressions, while someone went to get my mouth guard from inside my house! The man in question, after compressions responded well, then went into cardiac arrest again, this happened 7 times, (he was even doing the tongue thing that my lovely trainer told me about!) can’t remember the instructors name! Anyway, ****** survived, had a lovely conversation with him afterwards! Still in shock that after the amount of times I lost him that he is now currently wondering around his ward in the hospital! Thank you so much for teaching me everything that was required to keep this lovely man alive!

Ps. Was the first time I’ve ever had to do compressions, and I felt completely confident doing them after your training! Did apologise to ******** for any pain he may get from his ribs! Still can’t believe I saved a mans life! Xx

After seeking permission to use this as a testimonial we received this response.

Thanks Neil,

Yes that’s fine to use it, just check it over for spelling mistakes!  Haha

I used the mouth shield you provided us with too, I don’t think I could have done it otherwise!

Again thank you so much for such a interesting training course, in my 20 years of working with children and doing these courses, this is the best one I’ve attended!!!

Thank you so much!

And pass on my thanks to Adrian!

We are so pleased that even though we  were not there, the training we provided helped someone in a time of need and saved another persons life.

Would you know what to do if you were faced with a similar situation?

CPR really works if more people learn the basics more stories like this will be common place.

Remember if we do nothing then the person has no chance, by doing something and CPR is a basic skill, we are raising their chance of survival.

We would like to wish the person who suffered the cardiac arrest a speedy recovery back to full fitness, and congratulations to the person who wrote the message on a job well done.

16th October is CPR day.